Консультации по учебе, на самой крупной бирже студенческих работ !

Ответы на тесты по теме Языки

Для более эффективного поиска следует вводить 2-3 ключевых слова из вопроса !!!

A meeting place on the Internet for discussion of a particular topic is __________________.


I tried to send the photos by e-mail as an __________________ but the server was __________________.

attachment, down

Across:1. kind of tree (5), 2. child (3), 4. performed (5)...

crossword clues

The BBC is financed __________________ payments which are made __________________ all people who have TV-sets.

by, by

In London the dollar __________________ by a tiny margin at the outset.

edged up

Writing and storing printed text on a computer is __________________.

word processing

Choose the right answer: The main news story was __________________ on the front page.


Mix two egg yolks wit butter in a frying-pan over a lowgas. Add sugar and then...


Choose the right answer: Children of ten prefer looking at __________________ to reading books.


Choose the right answer: Before showing the film on TV they __________________ it.


A hard-hitting documentary series starts tonight at 10 p.m. Viewers might be shocked at scenes of...

television preview

A pair of silver George II candlesticks fetched 17 000 pounds. Bidding was slow for Victorian oil paintings but a landscape by Somers went for 55 000 pounds.

auction report

Choose the right answer: The rise of the periodically published newspapers came with the invention of __________________.


Robson equalized with a header from five yards just before the half-time whistle.


Where there are no clear winners or losers in a competitive situation, or no apparent solution to a conflict, there is __________________.


Choose the right answer: The “quality” press represents the interests of the __________________ and of major political parties of Britain.


Choose the right answer: A short wave or a VHF radio can __________________ many interesting stations.

pick up

I __________________ a good program from the Internet the other day. Would you like a copy?


I’ve lost a lot of data. I wonder if my computer has a __________________.


If you want some photos of the USA, you could just try __________________ the Web. You’ll be amazed how many you can find.