Ответы на тесты по теме Языки

Для более эффективного поиска следует вводить 2-3 ключевых слова из вопроса !!!

Yesterday by eight o’clock he (to finish) all his homework, and when I (to come) to his place at nine, he (to read).

had finished, came, was reading

Jane (to be) fond of sports. She (to do) her morning exercises every day.

is,does; is, does

_____________Trafalgar Square is a square where only the heroes linked with the defense of the country should be commemorated

If he did not read so much, he (not to know) English literature so well

would not know

My working day (to begin) at seven o’clock.


Where are you, Roy? – I’m in the sitting-room. I … (read).

am reading

The rule explained by the teacher at the last lesson (to undertand) by all of us

was understood

Your sister (to study) at an institute? – No, she (to study) at school.

does … study, studies

A great number of students (to study) in the reading hall when I (to enter) it last night.

was studying, entered

We (to drink) tea when the telephone (to ring).

were drinking, rang

You (to talk) to the members of your family every day? – Yes, I … . But yesterday I (not to talk) to them: I (to be) very busy yesterday.

do … talk, do, did not talk, was

This castle … one thousand years old.


Where your cousin (to work)? – He (to work) at a hospital.

does … work, works

Your son didn’t help you much, … he?


If he weren’t such a book-worm, he (not to spend) so much time sitting in the library

wouldn’t spend

She (to help) mother yesterday?

did … help

You won’t understand the rule if you (not to listen) to the teacher

don’t listen

Listen! Somebody (sing) a lovely song.

is singing

When I (to wash) the telephone (to ring).

was washing, rang

My father … not a teacher, he … a scientist.

is; is