Ответы на тесты по теме Языки

Для более эффективного поиска следует вводить 2-3 ключевых слова из вопроса !!!

The lesson (not yet to begin), and the children (to talk) loudly in the corridor.

had not begun, were talking

If you spoke English every day, you (to improve) your language skills

would improve

When I (to enter) the hall, the students (to listen) to a very interesting lecture.

entered, were listening

A taxi (to call) fifteen minutes ago, so we are expecting it any moment

was called

She (to be) a school-girl. She (to go) to school in the afternoon.

is,goes; is, goes

… this your watch? – Yes, it …

is, is

__________ of her arrival, I went to see her

Being told

… your sister at school? – No, she … not at school.

is, is

He usually use a dictionary at an English lesson.


He (to live) on the third floor.


When the ship (to cross) the ocean, a great storm (to break) out.

was crossing, broke

French is an official language in _______


Giotto brought into painting a sense of weight and mass that never ____________ before

had been achieved

My father (not to work) on Sunday.

does not work; doesn’t work

The dog … asleep.


I (not to go) to the cinema every day.

do not go

Budapest (to divide) by the Danube into two parts: Buda and Pest

is divided

Excuse me, but you … (to sit) in my place. Oh, I’m sorry.

are sitting

On leaving the hall the students (to thank) the professor who (to deliver) the lecture.

thanked, had delivered

The human race ______________ art for thousands of years

has been making