Консультации по учебе, на самой крупной бирже студенческих работ !

Ответы на тесты по теме Языки

Для более эффективного поиска следует вводить 2-3 ключевых слова из вопроса !!!

Where John (to live)? – He (to live) in England.

does … live, lives

It was a good idea of _____________ to go swimming this afternoon


What you (to buy) at the shop yesterday? – I (to buy) a book.

did … buy, bought

Sam doesn’t work hard,… he?


You are watching TV, … you?


It ... so cold outside! (insert the verb to be in the correct form)


Is ... father a good teacher? (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)


... are watching TV. (insert the right pronoun)


В комнате много свежего воздуха. (choose the right translation)

There is a lot of fresh air in the room.

My friends (to listen) to music now. (make a sentence in present continuous)

My friends are listening to music now.

Let’s stop at this restaurant for a quick _____________


This … my bag.


The question (to settle) as soon as they arrived

was settled

What … your brother (to do) tomorrow?

will … do

He (to give) me this book next week

will give

Не хотите ли чая? (choose the right translation)

Would you like some tea?

There are two official languages in Canada.


Кто эти мужчины? Я их не знаю. (translate into English)

Who are these men? I don't know them.

Мне нужна информация о гостиницах в Москве. (choose the right translation)

I need some information about hotels in Moscow.

Most of northern Canada has subarctic or arctic ... , with long cold winters.