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Ответы на тесты по теме Языки

Для более эффективного поиска следует вводить 2-3 ключевых слова из вопроса !!!

Choose the right answer: Main news stories in this paper never __________________ over into a following page.


Choose the right answer: If the TV programme doesn’t interest you, you __________________ it over to another channel.


Choose the right answer: We talk all the time since he moved __________________.

next door

Choose the right answer: I never __________________ away old letters.


Choose the right answer: Serious news in “popular” newspapers is given in __________________ form or suppressed altogether.


Choose the right answer: Telephones, e-mail and faxes are types of __________________.


If some critics like something and others don’t, it gets __________________.

mixed reviews

Choose the right answer: Anyone who hasn’t __________________ the computer will have a problem in finding a good job.


An apparatus that allows information to be read from a disk or stored is __________________.

disk drive

Road holding and fuel cinsumption are good but otherwise the performance lacks zip.

new car report

A writer or broadcster who gives their opinion of a production, performance, record or book in a review or, more formally, a notice is a __________________.


If it looks as if there will be no clear winner or if there is no clear winner in the final outcome, commentators talk about a __________________.

dead heat

Today is a good day to do business but a bad one for romance. Don’t take members of the opposite sex today too seriously.


News __________________ at regular intervals.

is broadcst

Choose the right answer: I sent a letter last week and received a __________________ this week.


The cheapest bucket-shop air-return to Hong Kong is now about 480 pounds and Hong Kong is a good base to visit Macao, China and Taiwan. The best season is...


Do you ever visit any __________________ for pop stars or film stars?


Choose the right answer: Newspapers give wide __________________ to world events in all countries.


Choose the right answer: He asked us to turn the radio __________________ because he was tying to sleep.


Choose the right answer: Ted asked his son __________________ the remote control.