Консультации по учебе, на самой крупной бирже студенческих работ !

Ответы на тесты по теме Языки

Для более эффективного поиска следует вводить 2-3 ключевых слова из вопроса !!!

Can you give me ... pen? (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)


Есть ли интересные книги в этом магазине? (choose the right translation)

Are there any interesting books in that shop?

Profession (Choose the correct definition)

a job that needs a high level of education and training

Have an impact on

Оказывать влияние на ...

The price you pay to travel somewhere by bus, train, plane etc. (Choose the correct word for the definition)


We have to send this letter now. (make a negative sentence)

We don't have to send this letter now.

Кто собирается visit them at the weekend? (translate the underlined part)

Who is going to

My sister is going to become a musician. (make a negative sentence)

My sister is not going to become a musician.

В старых домах нет центрального отопления. (choose the right translation)

There is no central heating in the old buildings.

Ты собираешься the shop right now? (translate the underlined part)

Are you going to

My brothers ... interested in music. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)

are not

I am a worker. ... name is Andrey. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)


My friend works abroad. (make a negative sentence)

My friend doesn't work abroad.

Сколько у них детей? (translate into English)

How many children do they have?

I see my parents very often. (make a negative sentence)

I don't see my parents very often.

Где ты живешь? (translate into English)

Where do you live?

They are ... good friends. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)


We have to visit this exhibition. (make a question)

Do we have to visit this exhibition?

В Интернете много новых сайтов. (choose the right translation)

There are a lot of new sites in the Internet.

I like playing football. (make a negative sentence)

I don't like playing football.